8 Tips on Saving Money

8 Tips on Saving Money Without Scrimping

Retrain your Brain

If you deprive yourself of the things that bring you pleasure, you are going to have trouble saving money. Retrain your brain by visualizing a future that is more fulfilling, like credit card bills that are smaller, and higher savings account balances to give yourself a sense of purpose with your savings.

Choose Your Extravagances

Choose the extravagances that you can do without and the ones that you can occasionally take advantage of. Eat out once every week, but give up extended cable television and TiVo. Enjoy high-speed internet at home, but give up your habit of eating out, for example.

Made Trade-Offs Whenever Possible

Substitute small pleasures for those that cost more. Have a fun movie night with your friends rather than going out for high-cost entertainment, and give all of your friends a night to enjoy cost-cutting entertainment.

Set Goals

Make weekly goals to sit down and discuss your family spending plan for the months ahead, or even the years ahead. You may have to give up luxuries like family vacations and expensive dinners out, but saving cash for a rainy day is often more critical than planning that summer trip to Disney World.

Enlist Help from Other People

Many people are reluctant to talk about their worries regarding money, but since nearly everyone has them, you should not be afraid to open up. Tap into your allies and feed off of each other’s motivation to save money and enlist other people to help you get the motivation you need to save.

Post it

Use post-it notes or other reminders and tuck them in your wallet, tape them to your bathroom mirror and attach them to your dashboard to remind you of why you are saving and what you hope to achieve. If you see reminders of your interest in paying off credit card debt or vacationing in Hawaii everywhere you go, it will keep your mind on the prize and fuel your motivation to save without really having to scrimp.

Make it Automated

Use direct deposit or another automated system to divert money from your checking account into your savings account on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. This will force you to budget based on whatever is left in your checking account without taking that savings-designated money into account.

Rethink Your Rewards

What are some of the happiest memories from your past? Those are the true rewards in your life. Next time you are about to purchase something frivolous simply because you feel like you deserve it, ask yourself if maybe there is something that you would enjoy more or that you deserve more, such as taking the time to craft a home-cooked meal with your child or taking a long evening walk with your best friend or your husband. These are the real rewards in your life, not material things.

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